Canton of Lucerne: Construction controller Grosshof Kriens

The new buildings at the Grosshof site, constructed from 1995-98, include the prison building (Grosshof detention center) with 80 cells in six sections, the administrative building for the cantonal magistrate's office as well as the transportation connections for the cantonal Grosshof site. The approved credit came to CHF 96 million.

The government council of the Canton of Lucerne had resolved in 1994 to carry out the construction project without a general contractor and to compensate for the loss of contractual cost and progress guarantees by appointing an external construction controller.

A sign of the client's trust in us, the commission was granted to Beta by government council resolution after a public bidding process with prequalification on the basis of our convincing controlling concept.
The project was systematically optimized with the aid of our analyses. In addition to the controlling with periodic reports prepared for the government council, we took on a central function in the management of the project.

We worked with the cantonal structural engineering department, the prison management and the planners to develop custom-tailored procedures and tools for optimal project execution, the core of which was constituted by our "Construction Controlling Master Plan".

Especially high demands were made by the complex security systems.
Grosshof Kriens is a good example of how professional project controlling combined with the teamwork of all participants and based on universally accepted management tools has a positive influence on the functionality, construction control, project costs and overall project execution.

The buildings were handed over to the users on schedule. The costs ended up being considerably less than the amount of the approved construction loan.

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