Zurich Airport: 5th expansion phase

Overarching progress and cost controlling, coordination of construction and operations

Over its 50-year existence, the Zurich Airport has been expanded in phases. The current 5th expansion phase is expanding the existing infrastructure, updating outdated systems, adding to the existing facilities and thus comprehensively readying Zurich Airport for the air transport of the future.

With an investment volume of over CHF 2.2 billion, the 5th expansion phase is the largest building project in Switzerland, apart from the NEAT tunnel. It encompasses several sub-projects with numerous interfaces.

To ensure that construction on the 5th expansion phase proceeds on schedule with the least possible impact on flight operations, the staff unit "Coordination, Construction and Operation" was created for the 5th expansion phase.

Following a public bidding process, the Zurich government council awarded the contract to Beta at the end of 1999. The selection was made based on the solution concept we presented and our impressive track record of project management both on an individual basis and as a team.

The main areas of focus of this overall coordination are the overarching progress control, the land management, the project IT and the general project controlling in support of the overall project management by Zurich Airport.
Zurich Airport later expanded our assignment to include the cost controlling and reporting for the 5th expansion phase.

As part of an additional commission, we are supporting Zurich Airport in carrying out the Start-Up project, encompassing the preparation, organization and execution of the complex commissioning procedure for the new facilities of the 5th expansion phase.

With all these assignments, encompassing central coordination and controlling tasks, Beta has a key role in the 5th expansion phase critical to the overall project's success.

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