ETH Zurich: 3rd expansion phase Hönggerberg

The 3rd expansion phase Hönggerberg for ETH Zurich is the largest structural engineering project in the history of the Swiss Confederation, consisting of a lecture hall, five laboratory sections as well as extensive infrastructure and service connections. It provides the chemistry and materials departments with up-to-date facilities.

The laboratories are equipped with novel installation systems offering exceptional functionality and flexibility that were planned and realized in three sub-phases (basic installations, fittings and machinery/equipment). The credits approved by the Federal Councils come to over CHF 800 million.

Planning coordination 1st sub-phase, 1993-1995

On the initiative of the Office for Federal Buildings, the project instigator and general planner at the time, Campi Pessina, commissioned us in 1993 to handle the direction and coordination of integrated planning and to represent it in dealings with the client.

The planning was both organizationally and materially complex. The tasks focused on the active management and coordination of 18 planning offices, the planning implementation of the operational-structural specifications, the obtaining of building permits and the preparation of the extensive invitation of tenders for the total service contractor.

Client coordination and direction of quality assurance
1st sub-phase, 1996-2001

The Office for Federal Buildings subsequently entrusted us with

  • the formulation of the total service contract and substantial support in the demanding total service contract negotiations
  • Establishment and direction of quality assurance (PQM), whereby we were able to develop innovative QM instruments and comprehensively and successfully apply them in practice
  • the general consulting, support and coordination in the total service contractor project execution
    the development, introduction and system administration of the project IT

2nd sub-phase, 1999-2004

For the extension of the 3rd expansion phase Hönggerberg (2nd sub-phase), we were entrusted by ETH Zurich with the same tasks, beginning with the planning coordination and the functional invitation of tenders for the total service contractor. In August 2001, the total service contract was signed.

The quality assurance methods (PQM) were designed to be even more targeted than in the 1st sub-phase. We were able to expand and develop the project IT into an instrument fully encompassing all aspects of the total service contract implementation, optimally supporting the information flow, documentation and traceability over the entire project.

With the far-reaching tasks we have handled for the 3rd expansion phase at the Hönggerberg campus of ETH Zurich, we possess the latest know-how and groundbreaking experience in project, contract and quality management for complex building projects.

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