Portfolio management for IBM Switzerland

For the management of their properties, IBM Switzerland has counted on the professional services of Beta since 1993. This portfolio management covers procurement, commercial contractual administration and strategic management of the offices used by IBM throughout Switzerland.

By entrusting us with these tasks, IBM is able to limit its role in business property dealings to the strategic and business policy decisions.

In June 2003, IBM decided to commission us for a further five years with the management of their real estate portfolio, choosing us over other well-known competing firms. The deciding criteria were:

  • Track record of success in comparable reference assignments
  • Qualification and accessibility of the responsible employees
  • Fee amount
  • Transparent fee model for mutations in the portfolio

Beta Projekt Management AG, Seefeldstrasse 7, 8008 Z├╝rich
+41 44 258 80 08, mail@beta.ch, www.beta.ch